North Koreans: Soccer Hooligans?

�North Korean soldiers and riot police had to step in after violence erupted when the home side lost a World Cup qualifying match to Iran, say reports. Bottles, stones and chairs were thrown on to the pitch in Pyongyang after a North Korean player was sent off.�
Okay, North Korea, now you�ve gone TOO FAR!
I mean, you have arguably the most repressive Marxist society on the earth, responsible for human rights violations, widespread poverty, and environmental desecration. You insist on pursuing the development of nuclear arms, and a certified ninny runs your country.
Now, you dare to threaten the longtime British dominance in soccer hooliganism?

The Brits take a lot of pride in the fact that they have more soccer riots than any other nation. That�s a sign that they take their beloved sport seriously! Riots over losses are impressive events, equaled only by riots over victories.
And it�s not just the QUANTITY of the riots, it�s the QUALITY!
History shows that football matches between British communities in medieval times were, according to the Social Issues Research Centre of Oxford, �essentially pitched battles between the young men of rival villages and towns – often used as opportunities to settle old feuds, personal arguments and land disputes.�
So soccer riots are as natural to the Brits as booster abuse at major American colleges. Ask any SEC football fan!
So, North Korea, we may ignore the way you shut out UN inspectors determining the status of your nuclear program. We may look the other way when we hear about your shenanigans along the DMZ. We may tolerate your claims of nuclear capability. We may even ignore your unstable doofus of a leader.
But DON�T try to become soccer hooligans! NOW, you�re getting PERSONAL!

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