Neo Monster Island

Today’s Warped site is one that is somewhat unusual (even for us). It is part science fiction, part comic book, part toy, part goth, part whatever you want it to be. It is definitely a fun site to hang out at.

The name of the site is Neo Monster Island. What first attracted me to this site was the warning label on it: “This site is rated Not Safe For Work. Contains violence, foul language, nudity, adult situations, and a candy popping three headed dinosaur”. I’ve never seen a three headed candy popping dinosaur before. But here at this site, a homage to the Japanese monster movies, you’ll see one. Godzilla is all over the place, as is other familiar figures that have graced the silver screen. The site consists of comic strips that are pictures of the characters telling the story. Very entertaining, and quite imaginative. That is what gives it it’s name of Twisted Kaiju Theater.
This site takes some getting used to. If you have an interest in anime, or toy monsters, or 1950′s Japanese monster movies, this is your nirvana. The Warp-o-Meter gives this site a 7.5 rating.

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