CompUSA: How Not To Handle a Tuboing Customer

Customer service in major corporations can be important. If you give someone bad service, then word of mouth will get around, and before long it will cost sales, and affect the bottom line. So the big companies try to provide quality service, and most of the time they succeed. However, as today’s Warped site shows, some companies just don’t give a rip!

This site tells the story of Rob Levandowski and his attempts to purchase a 22″ Apple Cinema Display from CompUSA. Now this baby cost a cool $2600.00 and you would think that anyone selling this item would ensure the highest quality of service, considering what their customers are spending. Wrong!! Throughout this story, I am sure that you will be able to relate to the Mr. Levandowski’s experiences in one way or another. I can. It is crazy to see that companies treat people like they do and still survive in the business world.
So read the story and be educated about dealing with large corporations. After all, a sellers worst nightmare is an educated consumer. Warped rating on this site is 7.0.

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